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Show Guide and Exhibitor Directory of 2014 PCBC San Diego, California

PCBC Show, San Diego

Started in 1959 as the Pacific Coast Builders Conference, PCBC today is considered homebuilding’s premier event and has grown to include a family of specialty conference and events.

PCBC has been known by different names in the past, including the Pacific Coast Builders Conference and the Western Building Show. Today, it’s simply called PCBC.

PCBC is a dedicated community of people working together to advance the art, science and business of homebuilding. PCBC is the ideal marketplace for leading residential builders, developers, architects, investors, product manufacturers, and advisers in the industry.

PCBC presents an extensive display of product innovations, with the industry’s leading manufacturers and suppliers.

The PCBC Forums cover emerging trends in residential development in a cross-disciplinary way. The content is big picture and incorporates meaningful perspectives from outside the industry.

The Multifamily Trends Conference of PCBC attracts senior level multifamily executives to hear leading experts and practitioners identify emerging trends in designing, developing, financing, marketing and managing the next generation of for-rent and for-sale multifamily housing.

PCBC is also dedicating a full day of content at the Capital Markets Forum to provide answers to the most important questions of today. PCBC understand that capital has always been the lifeblood of our industry, never more so than today. But with conventional financing virtually at a standstill, what are the new sources, how do you access them, and what are the deal terms?

Event Details :

June 24 – 25, 2015
San Diego Convention Center
San Diego, California

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GJ Lab by Gunn and Jerkens at 2014 PCBC San Diego, California
Land and Capital Conference of 2014 PCBC San Diego, California
New Customers Area of 2014 PCBC San Diego, California